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Welcome to a new opening!

September 15, 2009 Leave a comment
Bakala UAE

Local Bakala

First blog, first words, first sentence. How about we start with the name of the blog. “Bakala,” pronounced “BUH-KA-LAH” an arabic word, or atleast i think its arabic, is known in middle eastern countries as your local convenience store.  I should really brush up on my arabic, my parents would be disappointed. I really don’t know why I chose the name, except for the reason, I love these small stores all around Saudi, and i miss them while in Toronto, where i spend most of my time. Plus its got a wicked ring to it when you say it out loud. Try it!

Really don’ t know what the blogs main emphasis is going to be on. I could swear i had loads of ideas before i signed up. Thats how it is always anyhow. Right?

Ah yes, now i remember,a digital local convenience store, though i’m not selling anything, i guess i’ll organize it a similar fashion.

Blog about all things which the customer would want to read about. That’s so cheesy lol. But i’m keeping it.

For kicks, here’s a link on local Bakala’s in the UAE.

Here’s me signing off,